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About Us

The Story


We are an independent game publishing company established in 1982 and founded around our original role playing game Inner City. We are dedicated to making games that are somewhat different to your standard fair and committed to the ideal that humor, action, and satire make for a guaranteed good time.


If it’s a humorous game packed by a solid set of rules to ensure good replay value, or if it’s about stuffed toys, or if it’s just a game unlike anything you have seen before, it’s probably made here, at Inner City Games Designs. Come and see what we’re up to…

Our Products


Inner City Games Designs is probably best known for our Fuzzy Heroes line of miniatures games using stuffed animals and action figures. We also make a series of ready-to-play micro games that come in three varieties: miniatures games that use readily available (cheap) plastic toys as miniatures (War PIGs – rules for use with Plastic Infantry Guys being our most popular), fully contained board games (like Gigantic and Lemmings In Space!), and parodies of other hobby games that are not really playable, but are fun to read for gaming hobby veterans (anything by renowned author Hugh Betcha).

The Authors


Christopher Clark creates most of the products we produce and sell. He has more than 100 published titles under Inner City Games Designs and other games companies. We also feature products from designers such as Mike Leeke and Daniel Lewis.